Subcutaneous NAD+ 2,000 mg per 10 ML **October Only**

$185.00 $100.00

Dr Matt Cook, an Anesthesiologist, uses SubQ injections in some of his protocols along with some other body-enhancing nutrients to help his patients.  Listen to this podcast to find out more, Ben Greenfield & Dr Matt Cook.



**Introductory October pricing only!**

Pricing will go up in November.

After many requests and substantive research IV NADS now offers subcutaneous NAD+!

Subcutaneous NAD+, SubQ NAD+, needs more research but as of now, IVNADS receives many requests for it. Our understanding is that SubQ delivery allows for a slow introduction of the NAD+ into the system while in some ways being as effective as a similar dose delivered intravenously. But anecdotally reported helping the mind even more than intravenously delivered NAD+!


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